Trust, The Strong Hold

Those lonely daysWhen I sit and evaluateHow far have I gone?All He sees is how well I have doneBitter on ourselvesBut He says, I'm the wayKeep up the pace Why worry about your line upsJust look back carefulWhat do you see?Thanks and Thanks aloneI did nothingI was just a vesselIf this is the wayI love… Continue reading Trust, The Strong Hold


The chemistry of fire teaches that three elements are required for combustion to occur; 1. Oxygen 2. Fuel 3. Heat Take away any of these elements and it becomes impossible to ignite fire. Oxygen, Fuel and Heat must be present in the same space for fire to occur. Your grandma did not study science but… Continue reading WIND – THE BRIDGE YOU IGNORE


The Lord is about to release the first batch of the Ministers of Light into the world to manifest His glory. They will prepare the ground for the second batch. The second batch will be sent out two years for now... The grace will be so strong that it will bring much ease and the… Continue reading MANIFEST LIGHT

Patient Builders

If my faith is as small as the mustard seedSurely it will move mountainsBut down down the earth must it goTill it grow grow and glowTo accomodate many in my branches with fruits I'll embrace littlePatiently grow to accomodate much moreI can also turn water to wineFor greater works shall I doI can also walk… Continue reading Patient Builders

I’ll Keep Believing

That I can move mountains, I believeEven the greater will I do, I believeThy words hath keep me rooted, I can't be deceivedBy Grace have I received Proclaim thy wordSend me forth to save the worldThrough thy saving GraceMany will be pulled out of disgraceQualified for GloryThat will put end to all worryProclaim thy wordThat… Continue reading I’ll Keep Believing

Thy Glory Be Seen

I see the world in my imaginationYet can't fathom the great persecutionDeep have I search for meaning to thy revelationBut your love is indeed for all generationYour glory did you leaveAnd became a great story for man to liveSo great love, full of sacrificeThat only you can satisfyTake the lead and I'll follow alwaysLet's sing… Continue reading Thy Glory Be Seen

We Speak Light

Love and light meetThe spirit did shed the love of God abroad in our heartWhich has made us light on earthAnd kept us in God's sight, filled with strength Saved us from frightNot by our power or mightBut there's no condemnation for us who are in ChristBond men seize to be our identityAnd has set… Continue reading We Speak Light

I’m Yours Forever

Which master do you serveGod or mammon?Remember, The blessings of the Lord maketh richAnd add no sorrow to it.A God unto allA Father to someA God that execute judgementA Father that showeth mercyIf this is the way you father me Then I'm yours forever.Who are you?Men like the three hebrewIf not, we'll not worship your… Continue reading I’m Yours Forever

Thank You Lord

When I sit to count my blessingsAnd name them one by oneAll I can see is the express of thy merciesSo great are the things thou hath done For the gift of creation, i am gratefulThough man's nature was sinfulYet your love hath no boundAnd you've given us thy doctrine, so sound Father of creationCreator… Continue reading Thank You Lord

Tested And Trusted

Do you know that worrying won't solve a thing?Because things don't bring Joy,Joy brings things.With Joy shall ye draw from the wells of SalvationWhere's your fetcher?Do you worry before you breath,Or answer nature's call,He hath prefect the works of his hands.Why trust some and worry about others?It won't solve a thing, you know?All it takes… Continue reading Tested And Trusted